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Nt Cutter Knife Blade Production
Thank you for using NT cutters/utility knives and blades. Blades are extremely sharp, so please handle with special care. Safety Tips below will show you how to use NT cutters/utility knives and blades safely and correctly to prevent injuries.
Nt Cutter Knife Safety
Nt Cutter Knife Safety: Before Use
NT Cutter Knife Safety
Keep your work area organized
Using cutter/utility knife in messy work area may cause injury. Make your work area neat and tidy before use.
NT Cutter Knife Safety
Use a new blade
New blades cut lightly, safely and cleanly. Check your blade before use. If it's not cutting smoothly, snap off the blade and get a new cutting edge for easy, safe and clean cut.
NT Cutter Knife Safety
Use a thick ruler to guide the blade
For your safety & a stable cut, use a thicker ruler to guide the blade along the edge of where you'll be cutting.
NT Cutter Knife Safety
Do not extend by more than one blade
It's dangerous and may cause injury if the snap-off blade sticks out too much. Do not extend more than one blade (segment) out of the holder.
NT Cutter Knife Safety
Use a cutting mat
Use a cutting mat and work on a flat and stable surface to improve control when cutting.
NT Cutter Knife Safety
Cut away from your hand
Keep your assisting hand away from the path you are cutting. In case of an accidental slip, you want to make sure that your fingers are not in the way.
Nt Cutter Knife Safety: During Use
NT Cutter Knife Safety
Focus on your task
Do not use cutters/utility knives when you're tired or in a rush. You are more likely to injure yourself when you have trouble concentrating on your project.
NT Cutter Knife Safety
Choose the appropriate cutter for the job
Choose the appropriate cutter for your job from NT's wide choice of utility knives with 9mm and 18mm snap-off blades, art knives, circle cutters, rotary cutters, etc. Do not cut wood board with a 9mm-blade utility knife!
NT Cutter Knife Safety
Tighten up the screw
When you use Screw-Lock type utility knives, make sure to tighten screw firmly to lock the snap-off blade in position for extra safety.
Nt Cutter Knife Safety: After Use
NT Cutter Knife Safety
Blade handling
Use safety glasses and gloves while snapping off the blade. Keep the used blades in empty can or dispenser.
NT Cutter Knife Safety
Slide the blade back in holder
Do not leave the blade out of the holder while not in use. Each time you are done with cutting, slide the blade back in the holder immediately.
NT Cutter Knife Safety
Keep in a safe place
Make sure that the blade is back in the holder and store safely. Keep cutters and blades out of children's reach.
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