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Custom Numbering Machines

Sample layouts of custom numbering machines:

Numbering machine text examples
Numbering machine text examples

1. Movement

How many times do you want to repeat the same number?


Standard numbering machine can set its movement for REPEAT, CONSECUTIVE, DUPLICATE, 3-, 4-, 6- or 12-REPEAT depending on the model.


Any other custom movements such as 5-, 7- or 9-REPEAT are also available.

Numbering machine movement

2. Auto Action

How many & which wheels you want to set ot automatic advance?


The last 5 or 6 wheels, depending on the model, will automatically advance.


You can customize where you want to have the auto action on your machine.

- Auto action is available up to 6 consecutive wheels in any position:
Ex. 008ABCDE --> 009ABCDE --> 010ABCDE ...
Ex. XY000120Z --> XY000121Z --> XY000122Z ...

- Auto action over the skipped wheel is also available up to 6 wheels including the skipped wheels:
Ex. 002-98 --> 002-99 --> 003-00 --> 003-01 ...

Numbering machine auto action movement

3. Letters / Characters

Do you want to have any letters or symbols instead of numbers?


Standard numbering machine has 10 numbers (0 through 9) on each wheel.
(C-75 has alpha A-K excluding I on the first wheel.)


Any specific letters and symbols/marks are available instead of numbers.

Numbering machine letters

4. Capacity Per Wheel

Do you need more or fewer than 10 characters per wheel?


The standard wheel is divided by 10 spaces and each number from 0 through 9 is engraved in each space.
The height of one space including the top and botttom margins is 5.0mm or 5.5mm and the height of the character is 4.0mm or 5.0mm depending on the model.


From 5 up to 13 spaces are available per wheel depending on the height of the character or #s of characters you want to have on the wheel.
Ex. 12 spaces: Jan --> Feb --> Mar ... ... ... Dec

* 0.5mm top and bottom margins needed.

Numbering machine capacity

5. Width of Wheels

You can specify the width of the wheel so the special size character(s) can fit perfectly.


There are stocked wheels in the following width:


Any width of wheels are available within the range of 1.90mm to max. of 23.00mm for the narrower or wider characters.

* 0.5mm right and left margins needed.

Numbering machine width
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